Finding out….

One morning you woke up extremely sick; puking your guts out at 4am. Your finance Kendall got up quickly and knocked on the bathroom door. “You okay?” He asked. After you got your breath back you answered. “Yeah I think. Just sick.” “Do you need anything.” he asked concerned. “No thanks.” You stood up shakily and looked in the mirror. You looked awful, but didn’t care at the moment. You brushed your teeth and went back to bed, where Kendall already was. You saw that he had kindly placed a trashcan on your side of the bed. You quickly fell back asleep, but was soon awaken again by a sick feeling. This time at 6:30. Kendall was already in the bathroom getting ready. He walked over to the toilet and felt your head. “You don’t feel hot honey.” He pointed out. You flushed the toilet and brushed your teeth. “Do you need me to stay with you? I can call into work.” Kendall asked, being the loving boyfriend he was. You told him to go onto work because you had a feeling you knew what the problem was. After Kendall left you went back to sleep for a few hours, but at 10:00 you figured you would get up and go to the pharmacy. Once there you looked at all the bright colored boxes. Pregnancy tests. You had been 2 weeks late on your period, but didn’t think anything of it till this morning. You picked the one you thought would be the best and headed home to take them. It was the longest 3 minutes of your life. Positive the first one read. With a deep breath you picked the second one up. Positive. The rest of your day consisted of ways to tell Kendall and worse-case-scenarios that could happen. When 8 o’clock rolled around and Kendall was home, a sense of relief washed over you. But then more and more worries sunk into your brain. “How are you feeling.” Kendall asked and kissed your cheek. “I think I know why I was sick.” you add. Kendall looks at you with a questioning look. “Kendall I don’t know how to tell you this. I wish it would have happened later in life. I have been thinking about it all day and nothing sounds good, so I’m just gonna say it. Kendall I’m… Kendall I’m pregnant.” you blurt out. Kendall’s face goes blank and he just stands there. “Please say something.” you plead after a second, your eyes releasing the tears you had held back all day. “Babe don’t cry. This is amazing. I am sorry I didn’t say anything. I was just thinking about how perfect our lives are going to be.” he says taking your face in his hands and wiping away your tears. “I love you YN. And our baby.” Kendall lightly pushes your against the counter an kisses you till, you pull away. “So you’re not mad?” you check. “Of course not honey. I am thrilled! Just think about his or her of course, first Christmas, and what about Halloween costumes? Should we do matching outfits…” Kendall rambled on as you two walked over to the couch. At that moment you kind of laughed at yourself for thinking that Kendall would be anything but supportive.


​You are putting the dishes up after supper when you hear a clap of thunder and the lights flicker. You are terrified of thunderstorms. The lightning doesn’t bother you as much as the thunder (although thunder can’t hurt you.). You let out a scream dropping a plate in the process before running to James, who is sitting on the couch watching TV. You launch onto his lap and hide your face in his chest. He lets out a laugh and the power goes out. In LA the storms get pretty intense.
He asks you to get up, but you shake your head. He stands up and picks you up with him. He holds your waist and pulls you close to him. He walks with you to the kitchen where he grabs candles and a couple of flashlights from a drawer. He sees where your broken plate is and cleans it up while you stand close by and watch. After he cleans it up you two walk back to the living room and sit on the couch. Every time you see lightning or hear thunder you move in closer to him. And he chuckles every time. You don’t find it to funny, so you slap his chest.
After a while of silence he begins to tell you tour stories. These are normally funny and just prove how stupid the boys are.
“There was this one time in New York where we were practicing before the show.” He begins. You scoot back so you can watch his beautiful face as he tells the story. “And Logan was supposed to land on the trampoline then Carlos, but they jumped at the same time and they flew into each other. Logan instantly flew across the stage backwards, but Carlos just landed quickly on the trampoline.” You laughed asking him to tell more.
​“Well there was this one time when Kendall kept falling asleep in the middle of the day so we all decided to scare him.” He went on and all you could think about was how lucky you were to have a guy like James. Before, you never would have thought that a normal no-named girl would be living in the same house with a superstar. He was always so protective whether it was thunderstorms or some drunk guy at a club.
​Soon you tone the thunder out and just listen to his angelic voice. This would not be the last time something like this would happen though!